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These pieces are sculptural oil paintings, which range from famous figures, to biblical and ficticous fables.

Emerys - The Great Welsh Dragon

Emrys the Dragon's journeyed from New Zealand to Wales in 2019; to his new home at Swansea University. 

With 29 oil painting panels adorning its body, one side tells the story of Wales in factual form,  while the other tells of our more famous fairy tales and Legends.

It has approximately 940 copper scales, all hand beaten and enamelled. Famous Welsh personalities are engraved on the majority of them, and range from sports people to film stars, politicians to philanthropists.

The Gaga World of Stefani Germanotta

The life and music of Lady Gaga - This painting covers her career up till the year 2012; it shows us the elements of her life, of which had a profounding impact.

The metamorphic life of Davy Jones

The life and music of David Bowie - Spread over three canvases, the first canvas focuses on his pre-persona era, the second canvas covers his colourful creations from Ziggy Stardust to The Thin White Duke. The third canvas takes us to his film career to present day.

The Disorderly Demise of the Cerebral Cortex.

The above link will take you to my blog page that explains each head in more depth. It was when my father was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia that I decided to create this series on mental health. Four of these conditions effect my life in one way or another and I felt it was important to create these conditions from an outsiders point of view of what it is like to live with. 

The Eschatological Scripture of John of Patmos

The Book Of Revelation, a biblical journey, created over three canvases and encased in metal work.

Beginning with the seven candle sticks - and the death of John - we follow his dream into the scary world of the apocalypse. The seven seals are opened to unleash the four horsemen, and the plagues of the Earth. Within the story, we are confronted with the three beasts, and the downfall of Babylon. Finally, the book closes with the twelve peraly gates, guarded by the guradian angels on the foundations of the apostles.

Math Fab Mathonwy

Math Fab Mathonwy.jpg

Math is one of the Welsh legends from the book of The Mabinogion. It is one of my favourite tales out of the 11. The story is depicted in the base as well as 10 paintings mounted to it.

Dante's Inferno - a Journey into Hell

Dantes inferno Limbo.jpg

This is 1/ 8 sculptures that depict the whole story of Dante's journey into Hell. Each piece contains one of more circles of Hell, this one is Limbo.

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