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Emrys - The Great Welsh Dragon

Experience the awe-inspiring presence of the Great Welsh Dragon, currently housed at Swansea University's illustrious Great Hall, open to visitors on most days. Delve deeper into the lore and craftsmanship behind this magnificent creature by exploring our forthcoming book and ebook, soon to be available on Lulu.

Inside, you'll uncover a treasure trove of knowledge, including:

  • A condensed yet comprehensive history of Wales, unraveling the stories behind each intricate painting adorning the dragon.

  • An accessible rendition of the Mabinogion, accompanied by corresponding artwork, to illuminate this legendary Welsh tale.

  • Tales of Welsh folklore and accompanying artworks that capture the essence of these enduring stories.

  • A detailed exploration of the dragon's symbolism and hidden features, revealing the craftsmanship and artistry that brought it to life.

  • Behind-the-scenes insights into the creation process, showcasing the dedication and skill of Welsh artist Julia, who spent two years crafting this masterpiece in New Zealand.

  • Discover the names of notable Welsh figures immortalised on each scale, honouring their contributions to Welsh culture and history.

Embark on a journey of discovery and admiration as you unravel the mysteries of the Great Welsh Dragon, a testament to Welsh heritage and artistic excellence.

The Great Welsh Dragon on YouTube
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