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Julia O'Sullivan - Jupigio-Artwork-Gallery

Julia O'Sullivan of Jupigio Artwork

I'm Julia, a Welsh artist with roots in the scenic Swansea Valley. Over the past three decades I've honed my unique artistic style - blending experimentation with traditional techniques.

While living in the UK I juggled a career as a Lab Tech testing beer with my passion for painting. However after relocating to New Zealand I began my new life stye as a stay-at-home mother which granted me the freedom to delve deeper into my art, fostering a period of intense experimentation and growth.

I'm drawn to the unconventional and the extraordinary, infusing my work with a distinctive vision that challenges conventional norms. Before embarking on each piece I immerse myself in research, delving into the intricate details of the subject matter to capture its essence authentically.

Now back in Wales, I'm eager to share my creations with the world. The Great Welsh Dragon proudly graces the halls of Swansea University, a testament to my Welsh heritage and artistic passion.

My artistic journey spans 22 years, with each piece telling a unique story. While my earlier work steered clear of political undertones, my latest collection - "Sins/Virtues," reflects the tumultuous times we live in with completion slated for late 2024.

Every artwork I create holds personal significance. From the electrifying energy of David Bowie to the homesickness that inspired the Great Welsh Dragon, each piece reflects a facet of my journey and identity.

The Mental Health sculptures stand as a tribute to loved ones battling these afflictions, offering solace and understanding amidst the struggles. Meanwhile, my exploration of religious themes, as seen in "The Book of Revelations," stems from a deep fascination with spirituality and symbolism.

From intimate sculptures to monumental pieces like the Great Welsh Dragon towering at 2.8 meters, my artwork spans a diverse range of sizes and themes.

I invite you to explore the selection of artwork showcased on this website. For a more immersive experience or to stay updated on my latest projects, feel free to reach out for a private viewing or follow me on social media.


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