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The Book of Revelation - an 'End of the World' prediction or is it?

Updated: Feb 16

We have had 'end of the world' town criers since the dawn of time, all that happens is they change their M.O. every now and then. I personally don't buy into the doomsday cults as the earth will go on revolving and evolving long after my death. How we terraform our environment - well that's a different matter. There are so many different varying factors that there is no one answer - well apart from ceasing the greed of man being a start - but hey I'm also a realist! Ha! I am currently covering this subject in my Seven Deadly Sins series.

I have had a fixation with religion since a child, I do believe there is something in it - but what? Well there's the question! I envy those with the comforting knowledge of faith but I do not possess it myself. So because of my deep rooted inquisitive nature I decided to take apart and recreate the Book of Revelation. Why do so many people find this chapter so frightening?I found it to be the most powerful pieces of writing I have ever had to digest and recreate. The words on occasion send me a little bit bat crazy and I was on this journey for 18 months with this piece. I honestly think it changed me and for the better. It calmed the inner me giving me solace.

This is an extremely dynamic piece of work and one that once in its presence you will feel its dramatic energy as well. It 'sings' with its message and it has brought tears to some people's eyes.

If you wish to visit this piece please contact me to arrange a date.

I am the Alpha and the Omega - the beginning and the end.

It starts with an idea, a very simple idea. From the first initial concept a seed is sown and from there it grows in my mind. For a small 'book' it is jam packed with descriptive text - from beginning to end it describes John's dream. It was a mammoth undertaking to recreate the whole story in one piece, this is probably why it took 18 months to do so.

So while sitting in my little science room at the college in NZ, I began to doddle the on scrappy pieces of paper. I then made a mock up of the mechanics of the piece with bits and pieces to hand....very crudly!

From there I knew how the piece would look, and then it was all about fitting the story around

the design.

It always begins with the oil paintings, this is my favourite medium and all my sculptures are created to showcase the paintings. While reading the book I made crib notes of all the relevant pieces and at this stage my mind weaves them together. This piece broke away from just paintings, the story brought forth a new element - metalwork.

The story starts with the seven candelsticks which represent seven churches. To each one is given a gift:

  • Ephesus - the tree of life

  • Smyrna - the crown of life

  • Pergamos - a white stone

  • Thyatira - morning star

  • Saris - clothed in white raimat

  • Philadelphia - a pillar is made

  • Laodicea - to sit on the throne.

At the centre is the Son of Man dressed in a long garment with a golden girdle, his feet are brazen. He has seven stars in his right hand representing the seven angels. He has white hair and eyes ablaze and from his mouth a double edged sword. In his left hand he holds the keys to death and hell.

John falls dead.

He sees a doorway and in spirit he walks on through. Here he finds a throne in Heaven with a rainbow about it and thunder and lightening and the look of jasper and sardine stone. It sits on a sea of glass like crystal and seven lamps burn which represent the seven spirits of God.

Around the throne sit 24 elders with crowns and white garments. Each with a golden harp and a vial of odours.

Also sitting here are the four beasts - the lion, the calf, the face of man and the eagle. With their six wings and eyes all about them.

The slain Lamb of God sits upon the throne with the great book. He has seven horns with seven eyes. He has the power to open the seven seals of the book.

Five of the seven seals each have two sides. A metal seal on one side with deliberate design and the image of its contents on the other. The sixth seal is recreated out of glass and the seven seal is painted within the painting itself.

The first seal is opened to reveal the white horse with his bow and crown - Conquer.

The second seal reveals the red horse with his sword - War

The third seal is the black horse with the balance of wheat and a penny - Famine

The fourth seal is the pale horse - Death

The Fifth seal reveals the souls of the martyrs - twelve thousand from each of the twelve tribes.

The sixth seal is the blackened sun and blood moon and the falling stars.

The seventh seal opens; seven angels with their seven trumpets, the golden censor is cast downwards towards earth and the trumpets sound:

  • Hail, fire and blood - 1/3 of the trees and grass are burnt.

  • Mountains cast into the sea - 1/3 sea of blood

  • The great star fell - Wormwood - making the waters bitter

  • 1/2 the sun moon and stars

  • Stars fell - key to the bottomless pit - smoke rises and the air blackens. Locust come forth with faces of man and hair of women, teeth of lions shaped like horses with crowns of gold, with wings and scorpion tails.

  • An army of horsemen, breast plates of fire jacinth and brimstone. Horses with heads of lions and out of their mouths fire and smoke. Two witnesses clothed in cloth with two olive trees and two 'candlesticks' stand before God and have the power to shut heaven.

  • The mighty angel upon a cloud with a rainbow about his head. His feet pillars of fire. He has a book in his hand and his voice is so loud it is like seven thunders. John eats up this book which tastes as sweet as honey but is bitter in the belly.

The beast ascends from the bottomless pit with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns. A pregnant woman appears clothed in the sun. She has the moon at her feet and a crown of twelve stars, she has eagle wings to take her to the wilderness.

Out of the beast's mouth the flood waters flow, the earth swallows up this flood.

A war in Heaven ensues - angels against fallen angels.

The beast rises up from the sea - with seven heads, ten horns and upon the horns ten crowns, and the name of blasphemy upon his forehead. The look of a leopard, mouth of a lion and feet of a bear. He has great authority and one head is wounded to death. The Angel has the keys to the bottomless pit and he bounds the beast and casts him in.

The Lamb stands on Mount Sion with 144 thousand virgins - the 'Father's' name on their foreheads.

Hearing the music of Heaven the Lamb holds the book of life.

Another beast - the False Prophet - comes out of the earth, with two horns and the mark of the Devil on his forehead. Speaks like a dragon and invites people to worship the beast with an image of him. In his and each beast's mouths sits a frog - unclean spirit.

The angel with a sickle gathers vines from the earth and in the great wine press makes wine from God's wrath.

The ones who worship the Devil drink this wine and are burnt in fire and brimstone for having his symbol on their foreheads, they will be tormented in front of the Lamb.

The Son of Man appears on a white cloud. He has a golden crown and a sharp sickle. He has come to reap the earth.

The Whore sits on a scarlet beast with seven heads and ten horns. Clothed in purple and scarlet and adorned with precious jewels and pearls. A golden cup in her hand full of abomination. On her forehead 'Mystery' - she is the great city.

The beast eats her flesh. The angels bring their plagues - the great city falls in one day.

A mighty angel casts a millstone into the sea damning Babylon to a violent end.

The heavens open and a white horse faithful and true rides out. The rider has eyes aflame and on his head are many crowns. His white vesture dipped in blood and out of his mouth a sharp sword. And he has many following.

On his thigh is written 'King of Kings, Lord of Lords.'

Twelve gates with twelve angels standing on twelve foundations. The names of the apostles at the base and the twelve angels above. They sit on a street of gold in front of the pearly gates.

Inside a river of gold and the tree of life bearing twelve manner of fruits.

This completes the piece. A lot of thought and clever design went into this piece. I have covered the whole story and there are many details still within this piece that are untold.

I am the Alpha and the Omega - the beginning and the end.

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