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Julia O'Sullivan - Jupigio-Artwork-Gallery


My name is Julia and I grew up in the Swansea valley in Wales. I have spent the last 30 years developing my own style as an artist.

For many years in the UK I worked as a Lab Tech testing beer and only painted at weekends. In New Zealand however being a stay-at-home mother allowed my time to be freed up This allowed for more time towards experiment and practice.


I have a love for the unorthodox and unusual - which I attempt to intergrate into my artwork - giving a different vision and approach to subjects I draw and paint.


Prior to beginning certain pieces, there is research and study surronding the subject, to fully flesh out the colourful or disturbing nature of the artwork.


My work is now back in Wales and I am ready to start selling some pieces. The Great Welsh Dragon is on display at Swansea University in Wales.

All the pieces on this website were created over the last 18 years. There was nothing about the art that attempted to be political - Until now! I think seeing the chaos unfolding has had a profound influence on my new collection of Sins/Virtues. Completion expected late 2024.


Why did I create the pieces I have? Well each one has its own story for the reason I chose it.


David Bowie excited me, someone who filled his life creatively. That painting allowed me to explore the part of myself that was driven and artistic, it was exciting to channel that Bowie-like energy and produce an exciting piece of art. 

The Great Welsh Dragon was born out of a feeling of being home sick; I brought Wales to me while in New Zealand. This piece took me home to my roots mentally, and brought forward my deepest level of passion and as such it took me 22 months to produce. 

The mental health sculptures were created as a tribute to my husband and father and a few close family members who suffer from these diseases. They helped me navigate the mindset of those involved and exorcise some of the deep feelings of sadness that I have carried around regarding the subject.

The Book of Revelations was created out of my fascination with religion in general. I never had a strong religious influence, but I am encapsulated in the inner-workings of religious practice and text. The imagery in the Book of Revelations is beautiful and this piece was one of the most powerful ones I have done to date. 

The sculptures range in size, from the Mental Health sculptures that are just a little larger that a human head, to the very large sculptures like The Great Welsh Dragon which is 2.8 metres high.

Please enjoy the selection of artwork I have displayed on this website. If you would like to have a more insighful experience, or keep up to date with current projects, please contact me for a private viewing of the selection, or follow me on social media.


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