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Lady Gaga making an appearance on Madison Square Gardens

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

A bold new era of art is happening here in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Check out what to see here in Kidwelly. Exciting and different, every piece and explosion of imagination. Welcome to the wonderful world of Welsh artist Julia O'Sullivan.

'The Gaga world of Stefani Germanotta' - A Painting of Lady Gaga.

A new updated version of the book available soon. This book tells of the story and ideas behind the painting, including sketches of the process.

Lady Gaga - Mother Monster and her fans.

Welsh Artist Julia's Painting depicting the life and music of Lady Gaga, she stands on Madison Square Gardens playing her piano. Mother Monster to her fans, New York is the backdrop to the painting with little references to her music and life throughout.
Artwork for Sale - Welsh Artist, Painting of Lady Gaga standing on top of Madison Square Gardens, Mother Monster with her fans beneath her. New York in the background.

The Lady Gaga, Mother Monster painting was created in 2012, she stands 2 meters high and is glorious. It took 5 months to create.

Lady Gaga stands upon the Madison Square gardens playing to her 'little monsters'. All through the painting are reflections on parts of her music and her life, her outrageous outfits, her love of Sci-Fi, all that makes up the alter ego of Stefani Germanotta. Freddie Mercury even makes an appearance with his radio. 

Welsh Artist Julia's Painting depicting the life and music of Lady Gaga created in 2012, here you see her face from beneath the glass mask, with her rosary and tattoos that mean a lot to her. One side Marilyn Monroe the other Marilyn Manson.
Artwork for sale, Welsh Artist Julia's painting of Lady Gaga - Mother Monster, with references to her working career and her personal life.

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