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Julia O'Sullivan - Welsh Artist

Anxiety Sculpture_edited.jpg

Welcome to Jupigio Artwork Gallery.

The artwork - created by Julia O'Sullivan - has an earthy pallet that is saturated with bold colour. Each contemporary piece has sharp lines and contrasting dramatic scenes. Whether your taste is light or heavy there is something here for everyone. Come and immerse yourself inside a catacomb of stories.

The Mental Health sculptures will draw you in and challenge you to see these illnesses from a new perspective.  Each piece has been sympathetically designed to pay tribute to each mental health subject.

The sculptural oil paintings are a balanced labyrinth of their subject. They will challenge your mind and leave you wanting to explore more. An exciting and bold new era of painting.


A time for healing Anxiety - art sculpture tribute

All these pieces are on display at the Jupigio Artwork Gallery in Kidwelly; contact today for your own private viewing.

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