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Julia O'Sullivan: "Exploring the Wickedly Contemporary Dark Art for Sale by Jupigio Artwork: A Blend of Creativity and Emotion"

Updated: Jun 2

Ok finally after 20 years of creating weird and wonderful artwork I have decided to start selling my work. I have brought it all back from New Zealand to here in Kidwelly in Wales.

While there are pieces of commissioned work that still reside in New Zealand the bulk of the work came back with me. I quite frankly have too much and I am still producing more! I have reached saturation and as such have opened the door to selling. My work is very popular with deep emotional thinkers. Having my art for sale is a big step for me. You will be owning part of my soul, part of my mind and part of my existence. Any artist who puts themselves into their work will tell you the same. My art for sale does not come cheaply - this reflects the amount of work that has gone into each piece. However if your budget does not stretch to an original there are plenty of limited prints to choose from.

Explore the wickedly contemporary dark art for sale of Julia O'Sullivan.

Art for sale a painting about the untold story of Sleeping Beauty by Julia O'Sullivan
Art for sale - Sleeping Beauty by Julia O'Sullivan

There are many whimsical paintings to choose from and some are part of a collection. There are varied print sizes to choose - as not everyone has the space for large pieces of work. If you miss out on buying an original there are a limited amount of each available at the original size and these are the only ones that will be signed.

Art for sale a painting of The Seven Year Itch Year one by Julia O'Sullivan
Art for sale - The Seven Year Itch by Julia O'Sullivan

Art for sale - The Seven Year Itch

There are seven paintings in this collection. each one represents a year of marriage. beautiful by themselves or own them as a whole collection.

So this is it, so far only the paintings have been put up for sale. The sculptures are a different story altogether. I still have to wrap my head around what I want to do with these pieces and as such for now they will remain off the table. However if anyone has a suggestion feel free to contact me. You can download my catalogue to read more about them here.

Art for sale painting of Hansel and Gretel oil on canvas by Julia O'Sullivan
Art for sale - Hansel and Gretel by Julia O'Sullivan

Art for sale - The Fairy Tales

There are six paintings in this collection of fairy tales. They are oil on canvas framed in steel. The stories are taken from the original tales and not the 'Disney' version. When starting a new subject I like to go to the very heart of the subject. Original paintings here.

Art for sale  a painting of the story of Medusa by Julia O'Sullivan
Art for sale - Medusa painting by Julia O'Sullivan
Art for sale - Greek Trilogy

There are three paintings in this collection. They are painted in oils with ink. In this collection we have Medusa, the Furies and the Harpies. Each tell the story behind the creatures. Buy an original (framed with museum glass) or a limited print.

Read more about them in my downloadable catalogue.

Art for sale a painting of the house of sin. All seven deadly sins.
Art for sale - House of Sin

Art for sale - the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

Two of my favourites, both complement each other. The house of sin is vibrant whereas the house of virtue is barren. I suggest buying as a pair. I am in the process of creating a new series on this subject where I combine both together. They are very raw and I have come a long way from this piece with my art. I have dug deeper into myself and have decided to go further down the rabbit hole. More on those later. In the meantime you can buy these now.

Art for sale a painting of the poppy sloth fairy
Art for Sale - The Poppy Sloth Fairy
Art for sale - The Fairy Sinners

This is a collection of the seven deadly sins played out by fairies. There are seven paintings in the collection, each one has its own identity. They are watercolour paintings with ink work. All originals are unframed. If living in the UK I will hand deliver any original artwork. I find it important to show the respect to my work that it deserves, that is why I have sourced a printer that will reproduce my work to an excellent standard, they have also all been professionally photographed. Only the best will do for my work.

So there we have it so far. This is my art for sale. I will be adding more soon - I will be adding all the individual paintings of the Great Welsh Dragon which is currently available as an ebook.

Should you wish to get in touch with me directly feel free to do so. But for now go and check out my art for sale and buy yourself something that speaks to you. My artwork makes me smile everyday, it is a pleasure to live with and has been greatly admired for years while in New Zealand and social media. But like I said only now am I ready to let go of my creations.


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