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Julia O'Sullivan Presents: Emrys - The Great Welsh Dragon Sculpture: A Symbol of the Strength and Resilience of the Welsh People

Updated: Jun 14

The Great Welsh Dragon ebook and hard copy will be available soon June 2024.

Julia O'Sullivan's Great Welsh Dragon is a remarkable work of art, celebrating the rich culture, history, and achievements of the Welsh people.

The idea of displaying such a significant piece in a prominent location to honour the Welsh people and their contributions is indeed compelling. It would serve as a powerful symbol of recognition and respect for Wales and its people.

Dragons have long been associated with Welsh mythology and folklore, representing strength, power, and protection. As far back as Merlin's time the red dragon has fought the white anglo-saxon dragon. This therefore seemed fitting to base the sculputre on the one symbol that unifies the Welsh people. By creating a monumental sculpture of the Great Welsh Dragon, O'Sullivan has crafted a tribute to these enduring cultural symbols and the spirit of the Welsh nation.

Maybe displaying such a work at a notable location in London area would not only acknowledge Wales' cultural heritage but also foster a deeper sense of unity and inclusivity within the broader context of the United Kingdom. It could serve as a source of pride and inspiration for both Welsh residents and visitors alike, highlighting the significance of Wales within the fabric of the nation.

Overall, Julia O'Sullivan's Great Welsh Dragon stands as a testament to the talent and creativity of Welsh artists and the importance of celebrating and preserving cultural identity and heritage.

Dragon sculpture depicting the history of Wales, 29 paintings showing the factual and fairy tale history of Wales, artwork that should be on display at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Welsh people.
History of Wales - The Great Welsh Dragon Julia O'Sullivan's Sculpture which resides in Swansea University in Wales.

Emrys - The Great Welsh Dragon is on loan and located at Swansea Bay University campus in the Great Hall on Fabian Way. Anyone can go and view him, a great day out with the beach just over the dunes behind him. During term time the restaurant is open. Please check out their web site for details.

Emrys, the Great Welsh Dragon, is an extraordinary work of art, brimming with symbolism and homage to Welsh culture and history. Standing tall at 2.8 meters and weighing half a ton, Emrys is not just a sculpture but a majestic representation of Wales' rich heritage.

The dedication and meticulous attention to detail that went into creating Emrys is evident in every aspect of the sculpture. From the engraved names on the copper scales to the tribute to Welsh industries such as mining, steel, copper, and slate, Emrys serves as a powerful reminder of the hardworking Welsh people who have contributed to the nation's development and identity.

The choice of the name Emrys, associated with the legendary figure of Merlin, adds an enchanting and magical dimension to the dragon, further connecting it to Welsh folklore and mythology. Emrys becomes more than just a physical artwork; it becomes a symbol of Welsh pride, resilience, and spirit.

My personal journey and inspiration behind creating Emrys reflects a deep sense of connection and longing for Wales, encapsulated in the concept of hiraeth. Through my artistic expression, I have brought the story of Wales to life in a captivating and meaningful way, ensuring that its cultural legacy continues to be celebrated and cherished for generations to come.

My updated book (June 2024) detailing the creation of Emrys will offer readers a fascinating insight into the artistic process and the profound symbolism embedded within the sculpture. I'm certain Emrys will continue to inspire and captivate all who encounter him.


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