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Emrys - The Great Welsh Dragon Sculpture

Updated: Sep 20

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Welsh artist Julia O'Sullivan of Jupigio-Artwork and creator of the Great Welsh Dragon. This dragon is a true monument to the Welsh people and their achievements.

Dragon sculpture depicting the history of Wales, 29 paintings showing the factual and fairy tale history of Wales, assembled on a metal dragon made out of copper scales.
History of Wales - The Great Welsh Dragon Sculpture which resides in Swansea University in Wales.

Emrys - The Great Welsh Dragon is on loan and located at Swansea Bay University campus in the Great Hall on Fabian Way. Anyone can go and view him, a great day out with the beach just over the dunes behind him. During term time the restaurant is open. Please check out their web site for details.

Emrys is Merlin's given name. - hence why this is the dragon's name - for he is magical.

He stands 2.8 metres high and weight half a ton. He took 2 years to create and a lot of research and design. It was my own sense of wanting to be home in Wales that drove me to create him. After watching the History of Wales documentary I felt inspired and wondered if I was capable of bringing the story alive in one artistic piece. Well here he is and he is magnificent.

Every inch of him is carefully thought out to tribute to our culture and history. Wales is built on the backs of very hard working Welsh people and as such they are celebrated here with the mineshafts, steel, copper and slate. 742 approx. names have been engraved on the copper scales. I have taken everyone and everything with me and placed it on the dragon. A true monument to Welsh Pride. Read all about it here - It will fill you with hiraeth.

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