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"Julia O'Sullivan a Welsh Artist with a mind full of Dragons and Sin"

Updated: Jun 14

Allow me to introduce myself: Julia O'Sullivan, a Welsh artist poised on the brink of discovery. For two decades, I've immersed myself in the world of art, continually refining and expanding my craft.

Describing my style as an acquired taste may be an understatement, as it resonates deeply with some while leaving others puzzled. Nevertheless, there's a distinctiveness to my work that has earned it recognition; many claim they can spot a piece by Julia O'Sullivan from across the room. Whether this distinction is a badge of honor or a double-edged sword remains open to interpretation.

I once received a remark likening my art to the hypothetical offspring of Hieronymus Bosch and Francis Bacon—an analogy both amusing and flattering. Yet, it ignited a desire within me to delve further into the depths of my own psyche, pushing the boundaries of my artistic exploration. With each passing year, I find myself unshackled by preconceived limitations, embracing a journey of discovery where creativity knows no bounds.

Julia O'Sullivan a Welsh Artist

I've always felt like an outsider, a mere observer in the grand theater of life. Unlike many, I don't easily succumb to the allure of societal norms or the glossy veneer of consumerism. My mind operates in a perpetual state of inquiry, refusing to accept anything at face value. This innate curiosity is what propels me to paint the subjects that I do. Through my art, I seek to unravel the enigma of my own divergent thinking.

Influenced by the intricate works of Hieronymus Bosch, my art delves into the depths of human nature, exploring themes of hell, sin, and biblical narratives. Yet, my creative process remains fluid and unrestricted. I eschew the notion of imitation, opting instead to carve my own path in artistic expression. Each piece is a manifestation of my quest to comprehend the complexities of existence, a journey of self-discovery that often traverses unsettling and shadowy territories.

I find myself captivated by the psychology of human behavior, particularly the phenomenon of idolization and blind allegiance. Whether in the realm of celebrity culture, religion, or elsewhere, I am perplexed by the ease with which individuals are swayed and manipulated. This fascination has led me to ponder the dominance of the left hemisphere of the brain in modern society—a theory that offers a potential explanation for my own sense of disconnection. Perhaps I gravitate towards fellow artists, traditionally associated with right-brained thinking, in search of resonance, despite occasional clashes with their delicate sensibilities.

This blog serves as a chronicle of my musings, a digital journey into the labyrinth of my thoughts. I harbour no illusions of providing answers; rather, I seek solace in the act of expression itself. Just as each stroke of paint on canvas is an act of catharsis, so too is the sharing of my ideas with you, dear reader. Perhaps, in traversing the labyrinth of my mind, you may unearth echoes of your own hidden potential.

In this ever-unfolding tapestry of existence, I place my trust in the process—the winding path of creation and contemplation. For it is within this intricate design that true understanding lies, waiting to be discovered amidst the chaos and beauty of life's unfolding narrative.

For me, I believe true art is self taught. It is a journey of self discovery. The word 'artist' is used in the most dilute way these days. There are many branches to the art world, some are just skilled craftsmen, some just commercial puppets who churn out the same piece of art time and time again because it makes them a living. I on the other hand am a 'free minded' artist, I paint what interests me, I strive to learn and develop more with each subject I take on. I believe this makes my art feel fresh and exciting.

But depending on what your requirements are will depend on whether you want a skilfully created painting/sculpture or whether you want a piece of 'art'. For the unopened mind you will not be able to understand the difference.


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