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Mount Te Aroha prints now available, this is the only painting at this time that has been opened to limited edition prints. 29/30 are available. High quality pigment inks printed on Hahnemuhle photo rag art paper 900 x 600mm –  1000mm x 700mm mounted (not framed). $1200 please contact me directly if you are interested. All other prints will become available at the end of the year.

Mount Te Aroha painting


UPDATE: I am on layer 6 of the History of Wales paintings all 29 of them. All the pieces of the Book of Revelations is coming together and I am waiting of the fantastic stain glass piece created by Amber Buffett….the only lead lighter I would ever use as she is so meticulous and talented at it…shame she has not been snapped up to work for someone. Then all will go to Adrian Worsley to be put together…another artist I would only use as both these people are incredibly talented and the best at what they do and only the best will do for my creations.

Coming Soon: The Book of Revelations and the History of Wales both very huge and EPIC pieces of work not to be missed. Both will have books about them. I am currently in the middle of the Book of Revelations and have yet to start the research on the History of Wales. This year I am going to add metal work and engraving to my skill set, as when I come to do the History of Wales I want all the love in that piece to be created all by my hand. As such this will take a little longer to complete but it will be totally worth it.

This website showcases some of my many favourite paintings. I hope you enjoy viewing them.

No originals are for sale as yet. My great plan is to build a Brewery/Gallery in the heart of Wales and have them on show for years to come, I am after all married to a fantastic Brewer! However all will be available as limited edition prints very soon. Share the journey of many of my pieces as they begin and transform over the weeks. David Bowie and the Carnival of Sins are my present creations and are now complete. Many man (or should I say woman) hours go into each piece, a minimum of 100 hours is spent on these rich paintings.

Other projects I am working on: Books on my paintings, David Bowie is complete and will be available with the prints. Lady Gaga, The 10 Commandments and a further one of a collection of the rest of my works, all have explanations and close up photos of the paintings for you to enjoy. It is a window into my world of how I come about painting what I do. Please contact me directly if you would like to purchase one of these books.

Available to purchase  are 2 beautifully illustrated personalized childrens books, one for a boy and the other for a girl. fill out an order form here for your own personalized kids books, where your child and 5 friends appear in the book. 23 poetry verses in both personalized kids books along with rich beautiful illustrations and constructed by Blurb to a top quality finish, only the best will do for my illustrations. Buy a better quality of personalized kids books today.

You may view my original oil paintings on request as they now adorn the walls of my home…I am rapidly running out of room! David Bowie, Lady Gaga and Mount Te Aroha are on show at the gallery on Rewi Street: Historic Creations, open Saturday and Sunday 10 -3 pm.


Check me out on facebook, and do come back for a peek at the progression of each piece.

Jules Rees


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The many stages of the Dragon scales, the cleaning, the painting, the post firing vinegar wash and then the patina. ...

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