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Jupigio-Artwork is the portfolio website of Jules Rees. It is best viewed on a PC rather than a tablet. I hope the galleries located on many of the pages entertain and excite you. If you wish to enquire or express an interest in any of them please feel free to contact me.

At any one time I am usually working on something that I deem exciting. I have moved into many new medias in the last few years and may go even further in the future. These include metal banging, enamelling, glass fusion and mosaic. The Great Welsh Dragon has been the most challenging so far with regards the different materials used.

I now regard myself as the World’s most elaborate illustrator! After all how many people do you know that will take 22 months to build a whole dragon just to tell it’s story in a children’s book? Yes I do believe I deserve that title. Judge for yourself in 2 months when I complete the Great Welsh Dragon.

Exhibit 2016 Jupigio-Artwork will be at Adrian Worsley‘s gallery and dates are to follow.

UPDATE June 12 2016: This is the last week of the Dragon, cleaning the slate and doing the etchings to attach to it, all going well it will be complete in the next few days.

Coming VERY Soon: The Book of Revelations and the History of Wales both very huge and EPIC pieces of work not to be missed. Both will have books about them.

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You may view my original oil paintings on request as they now adorn the walls of my home…I am rapidly running out of room! David Bowie, Lady Gaga and Mount Te Aroha are on show at Adrian Worsley’s gallery on Rewi Street: Historic Creations, open specific dates Saturday and Sunday 10 -3 pm, please call in advance to avoid disappointment.

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