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Kensington - Cambridge Royal Children, Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte Portraits.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Most of my work has an organic flow to it, all my pieces are saturated with bold colour. My artwork is contemporary with sharp lines and contrasting dramatic scenes.

When I create a piece I am unpredictable as to where the story will take me, the transformation of the story through my eyes takes on a new and sometimes very exciting twist.

I put a lot of my soul into each piece I create, sometimes they are whimsical, sometimes they are horrifying. We are after all made up of both the light and dark.

Well what a year it has been with Covid so far. Because I can't start any big projects before returning to Wales in early 2021 I have had to keep myself busy.

I began with drawing pictures as gifts for friends. Then a Nurse friend in Swansea gave me 20 names of Nurses she works with and I drew 20 different dragons for them to hopefully spread a little bit of cheer in this bleak time. I also painted a large Covid Dragon painting that I will make free to download as soon as I have had it photographed properly, and this is for anyone who wants a copy of Covid Dragons. This picture celebrates all the front line NHS staff and is a reminder to them that in 2020 they were the ones that mattered. I do hope in years to come we have a Memorial Day for them.

After doing all that I was inspired by the British Cambridge Royal children by the way they have put themselves forward in support for the essential workers and decided that I would do them a gift too. I do hope they like their portraits, all children should be able to ride Dragons. I feel the Royals have such a hard time this year with not just Covid and a little bit of kindness from us all goes a long way.

I do hope they like it.

Welsh Artist Julia's Portraits of The Kensington Royal Children, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Prince George of Cambridge riding Great Welsh Dragons

The challenge was painting the Royal portraits on such a small scale, each portrait is the size of my middle fingernail!

Welsh Artist Julia's Painting of the portrait of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge riding a Dragon

Here we have the portrait painting of Princess Charlotte riding a great Welsh Dragon. Yes to this day, this is the best mythical creature there is.

Welsh Artist Julia's Portrait of Prince Louis of Cambridge riding a Great Welsh Dragon

Portrait painting of Prince Louis looking rather happy to be riding his Welsh Dragon.

Welsh Artist Julia's Portrait of Prince George of Cambridge with his Great Welsh Dragon.

And finally the portrait of Prince George, with his Welsh Dragon.

This piece of the Kensington - Cambridge Royal Children portraits is a combination of oil paint and ink. A very special paper is used to create this piece. It took 100 hours to create. The flowers represent the 4 countries of the United Kingdom. Because I am Welsh I decided to have them riding Great Welsh Dragons, everyone loves to ride Dragons!

When I return to Wales next year I hope to gift this piece to the Kensington - Cambridge Royal family. For now I will have to ride out the Covid Chaos here in NZ.

For commissions enquiries please email me directly for information on my contact page. Let me bring a little magic into your lives.

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