Personalized Childrens books

Personalized childrens books – by Julia O’Sullivan

These personalized childrens books were originally created for my two children. Now I can bring them to the rest of the world. Presently I am working on the oil paintings to go with these books, they will be used as the new covers and will be made available to purchase along with the book.

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New the painting of the books


Behind the Oak Door – Personalized Boy’s book

personalized childrens books

Prices start at $39.99 USD.Preview book at the bottom of this page. Order form here.

This personlized childerens book is about a boy (Torin) who lives in a tree, at night he wakes up his friends under the bed and they all go on an adventure through a door in his bedroom.They meet a King who has lost his daughter, so ‘Torin’ helps him out.


Written extract from the book 2/23 verses:

Our story begins in a land far away,
To get there takes a night and a day.
It’s a tale of a hero, who is charming and bold,
Torin’s his name and he’s eight years old.

He lives in a house in a very tall tree,
Which he shares with his friends and his family.
His room is the smallest and has many shaped doors,
And these are the openings though which he explores.


Beneath the Lily Leaf – Personalized Girl’s book

personalized kids books

Prices start at $39.99 USD. Order form here.

This personalized kids book is about a girl (Seren)  who lives in a castle made of lilies in the middle of a lake, at night she wakes and she and her friends go on an adventure beneath the lily leaf. They meet a creature who is lost, so she and her friends help it out.


Written extract from the book 2/23 verses:

Our story takes us to a new place of wonder,
With colourful raindrops and musical thunder.
It’s a tale of a heroine, sassy and bold,
Seren’s her name and she’s four years old.

She lives in a castle amid a great lake,
But only by moonlight does it appear to awake.
To the surface it rises from the murky deep,
And all wake up from their very long sleep.

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