Paintings up for sale: 

The Fairy Tales

The Seven Year Itch

Sins and Virtues

Carnival of Sin

Limited prints are available of all these paintings.

If you are interested in enquiring about commissioning a piece feel free to email me.

If you have had the pleasure of seeing some of my pen and ink work, a fully framed complete personalised piece starts at $1500. I am also interested in illustrating books should you like to enquire.

The two duelling Dragons FOR SALE fully framed. 86cm x 100cm

Prints and books. Limited edition prints, and books about my paintings.

David Bowie painting by Jupigio









Perfect Wedding Gift. Milestones of Love – Wedding Anniversary photo album. Beautifully illustrated for 24 anniversaries. A very romantic gift.

Perfect wedding gift










Personalised children’s books

Julia's personalised children's bookspersonalized kids books










My Zazzle Store here. For anniversary cards, mushroom houses and much more. Funky T-shirts, mugs and all sorts with my designs on them.

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