Sins – Virtues

Sins – Virtues $10,000 each

The Seven Deadly sins and the Seven Heavenly Vitues are  a pair and designed with a large dining hall in mind. I had visions of them being at either end of a large banquet table, very goth I think. They are my saints and sinners creations. Copies available at my Zazzle/Jupigio store.

I love the seven deadly sins as a subject and throughout history so have many other artists. The seven heavenly virtues has had less appeal but I felt the two belonged together and so painted them both. Yin and Yang if you like. Although the virtues painting isn’t all as wonderful as you might think. I love the contrast between the two paintings. I loved this topic so much I created a 2013 version of the Carnival of Sin.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Here the house of sin has a room for each one. Pride at the top and Envy at the bottom. Each of the trees represents a sin too. Each one is available as a T-shirt or a mug, I thought it would be fun to wear your sin. I also thought it would be great to buy your partner a sinner mug! But then I do have a dark sense of humour!

The Seven Heavenly Virtues

Here the house of Virtues has a room for each one. Now in my mind they are the less colourful of the two as you really have to abstain from all the good things in life in order to be virtuous. For a long time they sat on my wall and when I drank too much wine I used to look up at Temperance and feel a little bad….not bad enough to not pour another glass mind you!