Jupigio Wonderland

Jupigio Wonderland

This is my creation of the Alice in Wonderland characters but using my own family as the characters. The center of the piece is my Mother and Father, the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter. In the picture are little things that will make my family giggle, in each drawing are things to associate with each family member for example; my Father loves his big mugs and so there is one in this drawing. This is a pen and ink drawing then painted with oils.

Alice in Wonderland pianting

Mount Te Aroha

This is the mountain I live beneath, I wanted to capture the feeling of living beneath it within this painting. Prints now available, limited to 30 signed copies. Printed on art paper (Hahnemuhle photo rag) in pigment inks. mounted (not framed) onto acid free board. Size of print is 900 x 600 mm (1000 x 700 mmm mounted). Only the best reproductions are worthy of my work so I’m afraid the cost reflects the quality. $1200 a print not including shipment. No other painting is being offered as prints at this present time I am waiting to exhibit at the end of this year before opening them up. Please contact me directly if you are interested.

Mount Te Aroha painting



Layla and Bella

This painting is all about these two delightful children. Each window represents part of their life, the doll on Bella’s lap is her mother and the soldier on the horse is their father. The table is made up of the two parent’s tattoos. The dragon represents me.

Children's portrait painting