Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

Here are my 2011 collection of Fairy Tale paintings. 

Each original paintings is now up for sale. $10,000 each. 30 signed prints of each are also available. Please contact me.

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Hansel and Gretel Fairy Tale painting.

In this piece we can see the wood choppers home to the right and as we track our way to the front of the painting Hansel and Gretel move though the forest. The dropped bread being eaten by crows. there in front of them the delightful gingerbread house. Inviting and colourful. In the rocking chair made of bones sits the cannibal witch. We can see in the attic Hansel in a cage and Gretel chained to the bed. The white bird in the tree apparently led them home after they killed the witch. 

Dick Whittington Fairy Tale  

Here in this painting Dick Whittington appears 6 times. Firstly to the left when he arrives in London with the promise that the streets are paved in gold. He is taken in by a ship builder names Fitzwarren, here he works and shoe shines in the streets of London. With his money he buys a cat and one day Fitzwarren asks all his employees to give a token of good luck to his ship that was to sail to distant shores. Dick Whittington gives his cat. Meanwhile the cook abuses Dick and he decides to run away, as he does the bells of St. Mary Le bow chimes three times for him to return as he will be Lord Mayor of London. When he returns to the house he discovers he has boundless riches from the cat sent to sea, a sultan bought the cat for it’s mice chasing properties. Then he did become Lord Mayor and married Fitzwarren’s daughter. This fairy tale is a British one and is based on a true story, it is the subject of many pantos each year in the UK.

Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale 

Everyone know the story of little red, but there is a more sinister side to the tale. Originally it was meant to warn young girls of the nature of bad men. The wolf enticing the innocent into bed. That is the reason for the cherries in her basket. The blue butterflies signify innocence being captured.

Jack and the Beanstalk Fairy Tale 

Jack like Dick Whittington appears many times in my creation of the beanstalk. The story is well known and for me the strange story behind this tale is a rather odd one. For most fairy tales are warnings not to trust people, but in this one Jack is a thief and a murderer and on top of all that get away with it.

Rapunzel Fairy Tale 

I liked painting this as I loved the idea of the hair cascading down the tower. The top of the tower was modeled on an artichoke flower head, as most of my inspiration in my paintings I look to the greatest creator of all time….mother nature. I love painting skies and I think I’m pretty good at giving them drama. The flower in the front of the painting is indeed the Rapunzel flower which starts the story. In the original the prince gets her pregnant and the empress banishes her to the forest. When the prince returns to the tower the empress throws him to his doom and a thorn pierces his eyes, he stumbles his way to Rapunzel to find her by her singing and her tears of joy remove the thorns. A coming of age story for mothers I reckon and how you can’t keep them locked up forever!

Rumplestiltskin Fairy Tale  

In this story the King locks the merchants daughter in his tower as he is under the impression that she can spin gold. Rumplestiltskin appears to her over three nights (hence the three moons) On the first she gives him her ring, on the next her necklace and on the third promises her first born. When the king marries her and she has her child Rumple wants the baby and challenges her to guess his name. She sends her spies to find out and so is the end to Rumplestiltskin.