Jules Rees Artist

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Jules  Rees Artist

Jules Rees Artist

Jules Rees – Jupigio Artwork

Jules Rees Artist

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I research each subject fully before taking it on as this I believe is what makes my artwork so rich. I love a challenge and I am constantly looking for a new project to excite me.

Presently I find it difficult to engage the idea of selling any of my pieces, each one has a life of its own and a special meaning to me.

Get up close and personal with my paintings here on this web site and see the lush detail each one has.

Coming from the heart of Wales I now reside in New Zealand in a small town called Te Aroha. I live here with my husband Pat and my two children Torin and Seren. We have a dog called Luna and a cat called Obe.
My whole house is like walking into a gallery, all the bedrooms are painted with mushroom houses, pirates and dragons with mountains. Our family just loves colour, and as you can see from my art I am not shy when it comes to painting very colourful art. To know me better I like music from Tool and Cake, I am forever a Pink Floyd fan and as such Comfortably numb will be my funeral song! I don’t really read, I like programs like Dexter, Breaking bad and the Killing (danish version only!). I don’t mix with other artists as I like to keep my creativity my own and fresh. I love Sci-fi. I believe in magic and I am a realist….strange combination but there you go. I have a very logical and honest mind. I like to surround myself with positive minded people with integrity. I think that is why I am drawn to paint such things as the 10 commandments and sins and virtues.

I attended Camarthen Art college in my youth….one term in fact…..I decided that it wasn’t for me and since then have been developing my talent. I worked as a beer tester for 15 years but since moving to New Zealand I have focused more on my art. Pat has supported me well over the years and is and always will be the most wonderful human being I have had the pleasure to share my life with. We build our life on humour.
My first exhibit was a few years ago and was great to get my art out there. I get a lot of enjoyment painting and drawing and spend a lot of time researching and layering my canvases to get the very rich desired effect that I like. My paintings take a lot of time as each layer of oils has to dry before the next. All my paintings have in an excess of 100 hours work on them, and most of the top layers are painted with a size 0 brush. IN fact the Great Welsh Dragon and the Book of Revelations are both around a year and a half work each.

All my art has a story behind it, whether it has been made for a special someone or designed right out of my mind, I put a lot of love and attention into everything I do so that I can share it with the world.

The personalized childrens books were originally written for my two children, I noticed that there was a lack of good personalized kids books out there so I decided to write one myself, and now 4 years on I am able to bring them to the world for other children to enjoy, and indeed anyone.

Also I created a wedding anniversary photo album, great as a wedding gift or 1st wedding anniversary gift, or indeed any of the anniversaries. Remember your years of marriage with this unique gift for you and your children to enjoy. The most romantic wedding gift you could probably give. 

I hope you have enjoyed coming to have a look.

Jules Rees

(Julia O’Sullivan)