Ok this page is dedicated to other clever people I know in the art world…at present there are not many, but I am hoping to add more and more as time goes on. I personally know these people and do not add anyone I have not met or worked with. I will also post their up and coming exhibits. Please like and share their pages, we artists can’t afford the usual fees the internet charges to get traffic through so we rely on wonderful people like to you get our names out there.


Adrian Worsley Art. I have had the pleasure of working with Adrian for many years now and have commissioned him to frame my pieces of art. His own work is intricate and so well thought out. He has a great sense of integrity and is very passionate about his pieces. Join him on Facebook here. His gallery is located here in Te Aroha and is open on the first weekend of each month. Where you will get to see me as I am the one who opens it.


Lamp work artist Lisa-Jane can be contacted here.


Paul M Alsop Art. I have recently met Paul and was blown away with his form of artwork. I urge you to check out his web site, stunning tin plate photography. Join him on Facebook here.


Dallas Phillips is a fantastic face painter and person living here in Te Aroha.Wonderful for kids parties. You can follow/contact her on Facebook here.

surreal David Bowie painting - glass spider Jupigio-artwork

Amber Buffett creates the lead glass work in my pieces, her talent for lead lighting is of an exceptionally  high standard and the only person I would trust with my projects. You can follow/contact her on Facebook here.




That should get you started, enjoy the art.